Sunday, 4 November 2012

Sabbatical 3

Good morning Everything. Thank you for this day, this week, this life. Bless our ways and the ways of our loved ones, that we may further your will. And whatever it be, thy will be done. Amen.
Good morning everyone. This is an anniversary of sorts as last Wednesday was Reformation Day, the second since I posted 95 Theses to the door of West End Uniting Church and thereby began my identity and ministry as a modern preacher. At one point I envisioned that by this time there might be a small local congregation in Brisbane and even foreshadowed that there would be a baptism party at this time. It turns out that, at best, I was a bit ahead of myself there. Nevertheless Reformation Day, for me at least, remains a marker of time leading up to the 500th Reformation Day in five years time, and also an expression, which can belong to all of us, of the need for reform in all human religion.

Meanwhile my central yoga (and job) is managing a large second-hand bookshop and that is absorbing all my spare time right now. Every day books are added to the enormous collection and other books are bought from the collection. As they are books on almost every subject, although the collection can at any time only be a tiny fraction of published books, the shifting body of books represents for me a sort of breathing universal bibliography, impossible to read but which I am nevertheless obliged to comprehend and manage.

Professionally, even for the most mercenary reasons, I am obliged to at least respect every interest and every point of view. This is my practice and my duty to God. I love it, so although I feel unable to do justice to a Sunday Sermon at this time, my time at work is my everyday religious life, and Everything is never far from my thoughts.

I don't think I've even mentioned my professional life before on this blog, so this is a little background about me I guess. If you are a Brisbanite and haven't done so already, do drop in to Archives Fine Books (40 Charlotte St), one of Brisbane's great temples to Logos, and say hello.

To anyone reading these short sabbatical notes, have a wonderful week. Carry on, seek Everything, do your yoga ("connectedness through practice" will do as a definition here) whatever that is, share the love where you can, and always question those who try to tell you how to live your week.

Everything, thank you! You do what you will and reveal what you will. I, for one, am in reverential awe. Carry on Everything. So be it.

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