Sunday, 23 June 2013

Sunday Sermon: The Collective Conscious, the Mind of Logos-on-Earth, A Summation of Human Duty, in Brief

Hello Everything. Thank you for all things. Thank you for every breath, every step of our journey, every moment of beauty. Help us in it to serve you and to further your great plot, whatever that may be. Amen.

The individual 'will to power' (identified by Nietzsche) gives rise to politics in social life; the individual will to self-expression gives rise to art in social life; the individual will to profit gives rise to economics in social life; the individual will to know gives rise to philosophy and science in social life; the individual will to meaning (identified by Frankl) gives rise to religion in social life.

All of these things remain in tension always, within themselves and between one another. None of them can be dismissed and none of them can be considered properly alone.

Thus all society is permanently a complex dialogue, a dialectic, a mind. And 'human nature' can only be fully considered as its collectivity, with individual personalities merely pursuing their own respective idiosyncratic mixes of power, self-expression, profit, knowledge and meaning.

I'm sure there's plenty of other ways to summarise all of psychology, society and historiography but there's a version in three paragraphs that many people could broadly recognise.

But hang on a sec. How simple is it to stop there and leave out the human will which makes every other type of consociation possible? How easy is it to analyse society all day without once mentioning love? It's like discussing human physiology without mentioning breathing. The will to love and be loved gives rise to society itself, and all other will is subordinate to love, psychologically and dialectically. Love is our only duty. To love our life (our reality, the only universe we have - God) and to love one another: it's been said before I know but it remains the truth that this sums up our entire duty.

Everything bless the readers of my words. Bless their faculties of mind that they not be deceived by me or any other, but only grow in their path with you. Bless you Everything. May your furtherance be a joy for all humans on earth, your precious blue jewel. So be it.

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