Sunday, 17 February 2013

A Prayer, a Song, and a bit of a Prelude

Hello Everything. Thank you for delivering us to this moment safely. Please give wisdom to those who need wisdom, comfort to those who need comfort and strength to those who need strength. Help us to grow as your people and to combine our free will in your greater service Everything. Help us to do thy will, whatever that may be. Amen.
Hello everyone. Once again I mostly have a song and a prayer for you, but there's no harm mentioning what I'm working on. I'm back close to the heart of what The House of Every is really about, with the subject of repertory social embodiment, for song, a collectivised (hence hugely enhanced) engagement with logos, for mutual aid and for agency. In short, this is the call for us as a society to get back to doing the Sunday morning thing, though in a modern, respectable and empowering way.

For any new readers in particular my second Sermon, The Baby In the Bathwater of Religion, is a very good place to start in order to get a sense of what is going on here in general. Further however I have recently subtitled it "Embodiment 1" and I will be treating that sermon as the first part of a series to which next week's (all going to plan) will be the second part. So if you're missing the content this week, that's a good one to read or re-read. It will be helpful as my intention is to develop the subject rather than repeat too much.

Have a lovely week everyone. Thanks for dropping by and reading my material. May Everything bless you and keep you. So be it.

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