Sunday, 30 September 2012

Not A Sermon Today

Hello Everything. Thank you. Help us to do thy will. Amen.


Readers, it is not without my usual effort that I have failed you today. Finally I have decided to keep working on the current sermon for another week. Hence there is nothing substantial today.

Thank you to those who do come to have a look. For anyone finding this for the first time, the best single sermon to give you an idea of what sort of House is being built here is probably The Baby in the Bathwater of Religion. The more I go on the more anxious I am that new readers do get themselves a bit familiar with previous material, and it is becoming clear that I need to write new introductory material to link from the top of the page. I do all this in my very stretched spare time, so I thank you for your patience.

Here's another stunning song from Leonard Cohen's last album.

Every, bless my readers with plenty of inspiring and interesting food for thought this week. I did intend to attempt to add to it, but have failed and for this I apologise. Help us all to grapple with you and your Logos with humility and integrity, in order to build our wisdom and understanding for your own great work, whatever that may be. So be it.


  1. wow you're human, no shock there! be kind to yourself. Worry not for what you cannot control, i.e. the order in which others read your blogs/sermons. They are receiving the gift on their own terms. thank you for your faithfulness to EVERY. This is the only thing I do faithfully besides go to work. I truly enjoy Sunday mornings with this blog. Peace

  2. Thank you anonymous. (I think I know who you are). :) I appreciate your encouraging words. Peace.