Monday, 12 December 2011

A New Religion

Welcome to The House of Every, a new religion conceived consciously and critically for modern times, to serve the modern needs of people, communities and civilisation. At this time this religion has no members and is not seeking converts. This is the moot stage of the religion.

In the briefest form possible, the new religion rests on four pillars:

1. Everything is God, hence everyone are God's people no matter what.
2. The Gospel of Empathy.
3. A critical and expansive conception of 'Logos', the 'living word'.
4. Regular embodiment of the community for food, song and discussion.

This blog page is still a skeleton, but it is a functional skeleton which can already give someone a good taste of the basics of this religion. The links above to "Music", "Logos", "Ten Responsibilities" and "Baptismal Initiation" lead to some key, foundational ideas, and the post below, "The 95Theses", although not a document of the House, is a good indication of the creative and living conception of religion had here.

I've added a handful of links which are useful for students of religion. They are not affiliates in any way. This list will change.

The picture in the heading is a picture of the Universe put together by Australian researchers. Each dot is a galaxy or cluster of galaxies.

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